Progress? Make it automatically.

As an Automation Specialist (Swiss VET) in Switzerland, you ensure devices and machines become safer and safer, more efficient, flexible and economical. In short: you lend wings to industrial progress.

As an automation specialist (m/f), you work in an area of technology and engineering science that spans all disciplines for ensuring devices and machines work automatically, without human labour. To achieve this, you combine sensors, such as temperature probes or photocells, and actuators, such as servos or valves, with the control or steering unit – so that monotone or dangerous, or also extremely precise or quickly executed tasks can take place on their own and with the highest efficiency. 

The requirements on productivity, economic feasibility and environmental friendliness are continually increasing in industrial production. With your contribution, you are ensuring that our technical development is not only up to pace, but pushing ahead. 

What you do
Automation specialists work in fields such as control engineering, energy distribution, electrical engineering, industrial automation or process methods. Together with other experts, you handle orders or projects, develop or construct solutions to challenges in control and automation. You contribute to the planning and monitoring of production processes and generate technical documents. You also build electronic apparatuses, devices and machines or automation systems, put these into operation and perform maintenance work. 

Training specifics
The four-year training consists of a basic level and an advanced level. Depending on the training location, the advanced level focuses on at least one of the following fields:

• Project planning and project work
• Development
• Construction
• Production support
• Electrical control systems engineering
• Electrical engineering
• Automation systems
• Entry into service
• Maintenance
• Training support

The training at the vocational college consists of two levels – “Basic Requirements” (G) and “Advanced Requirements” (E). The vocational college prepares you for professional certification. Particularly skilled and high-performing apprentices can visit these. 

Training locations
Alpnach (RUAG Aviation)
Emmen (RUAG Aviation, RUAG Defence, RUAG Space)
Interlaken (RUAG Aviation)
Lodrino (RUAG Aviation)
Thun (RUAG Defence, RUAG Ammotec)
Zweisimmen (RUAG Aviation)

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