Our values and culture

We believe that technological progress can make the world a better place. Especially when it is based on a culture which brings together a passion for achievement with visionary ways of thinking and responsible actions. 

We’re happy to share our values with you.

Working together as a team means being aware of the individual needs of other members and respecting them – as a partner at eye level. It means reliably and constructively accepting everyone and bringing them together in a joint effort to find the best possible and most sustainable solution.  This goes for our collaboration with customers and partners as much as for colleagues and teams across all disciplines. When you enjoy working in a fair and trusting way, and with pleasure, then you can do it at RUAG. 

High performance
To us, performance is at the centre of everything we do at all times. For example, in developing higher quality products and solutions to make flying safer, or in pushing scientific missions to the borders of our solar system. With this in mind, we always aim to achieve the highest performance. And we pass on to our employees everything they need to achieve this high performance.

Visionary thinking
Our amazement for technology, scientific innovations and outstanding engineering is absolutely fundamental. And yet we are entirely aware that technological advancement comes with responsibility and foresight, especially in light of the growing complexity of technology and society in today’s civilisation. With this in mind, we work today on pioneering solutions for sustainable and secure progress.

Our culture is open-minded. Are you?

As an innovative technology company that is active on behalf of society, our work naturally takes place where today meets the future. With a solid footing on our values, we continually help to shape change. Even if we wanted to, we couldn’t do anything else but live a culture of curiosity, diversity, open-mindedness and courage. And we wouldn’t want to, because we are proud of our corporate culture:
Proud of our respectful behaviour towards others and appreciation of one another. Proud of each employee who shows initiative, responsibility and enthusiasm to make a difference. Proud that we have done great things together. If you would like this, too, our doors are open.

To find out more about our company values and how they are part of our Code of Conduct, go here