Learn & Lead

If you want to be successful, you have to be able to lead – yourself first, above all. But the people surrounding you, your colleagues, also have to be taken along on the journey. 

At a higher level, it is about leading all of us, the company, our customers and society into a future of long-term success. Leadership also has many facets – and even more responsibility. All of this is something you must learn – with precision, intensively and continuously anew at a higher level. We invite you to accomplish this, and we create all the conditions for you to do so. Solely the will to success, the courage and desire to achieve is something you have to bring along yourself. 

Leadership programmes –
for all levels of management

What exactly is leadership and what makes a good leader? Personal characteristics like charisma, confidence and empathy, or skills like persuasion, motivation and rhetoric? We believe it is all this and more: an awareness of responsibility, a clear drive based on values and a willingness to empower others to do their best. The knowledge and techniques to do this are something we give you and train in a three-step programme which is adapted to the different levels of management.

Who is the programme for?
Our leadership programmes are for all specialists and managers – with and without leadership responsibility – but they are not the same for everyone. They are based on three steps, which build on each other: 

Team leaders, managers of employees, and project managers of the IMPA levels C and D (Core Leadership Program)
Managers of managers, project managers of the IPMA level B, and experts (Advanced Leadership Program)
Leaders across various fields of business, project managers of the IPMA level A, and senior experts (Top Leadership Program)

What is it for?
The leadership programmes serve to make our leaders and thus our entire organisation (even) more intelligent, flexible and efficient. To achieve this, our values act as a guide in terms of content and, at the same time, criteria for success:

  • Respectful
    We reinforce the awareness and skills of networking and teambuilding on both a personal and an organisational level.
  • Future-centric
    We boost your ability to communicate within the company and across the organisation, to transform dynamically, in a targeted way and successfully, and to innovate in terms of technology and business.
  • Performance
    We turn the pressure of change into constructive development, find and tap into new markets faster, adapt the best management techniques and operate in the most efficient and profitable way.