Don’t expect everything from us, but expect a lot 

Are you confident, have your own ideas and a clear vision? For instance, of how you want to work successfully and what you need to grow best on both a professional and personal level? Great! We won’t promise that we can satisfy all your wishes and offer only the very best in all areas. But we can promise that we are reliable and fair. We show our appreciation on an objective and a personal level. And we promise that we, together with and for you, will continually grow as an attractive employer. 

We need people who encourage the team and us as a company, as well as themselves. Because as a visionary thinking enterprise, we not only have the goal to be a technology leader, we also aim to continually develop further as a professional employer. As a learning organization, we know that the challenges of today cannot be faced by sticking to strict static structures, but by being agile. This is only possible where people can learn and grow in an environment of trust, where they have the space to develop and take on responsibility as well as be proactive. This is what we offer you: we develop you, you develop us, we develop each other together.

For example: opportunities for individual development

Regardless of whether you are looking for an apprenticeship, are fresh from university, coming in from another career or a tried-and-tested leader with or without specialist knowledge, we support you in every career phase and help your potential for growth to unfold, both professionally and personally. 

The opportunities at RUAG are many and varied, and the paths to success are as individual as our employees. We need good people at all levels – whether specialists, whose specific knowhow keeps us ahead of the time across all areas, or leaders, who help to shape change and take people with them on the journey. In any case, one thing is certain: With your dedication and initiative, you can help shape the future for us and yourself. And you can open up a number of diverse career paths: classical with leadership responsibility multidisciplinary, through interdisciplinary projects or departmental change, and horizontal as the sought-after expert in your field..

All along the way, we support you by discovering together where and how you can contribute your individual strengths the best. And we help you to expand on your skills and talents through high-level tasks, international projects and targeted further training programmes.

Our strengths push our company forward. We are convinced of this. At the same time, we are also convinced that we can only leverage our strengths when we acknowledge our weaknesses. This doesn’t make us weak, but real – and the respectful way of dealing with that increases our ability to perform. In addition to building on your talent, we also look at correcting your potential weaknesses and, in this way, support you in improving on your ability to work and your market value.


For example: proven culture of trust

As an employee, you enjoy a high degree of freedom to be creative. Frequently, in project or changing teams, you take on a high degree of responsibility and display pleasure in taking decisions and being proactive – all while keeping the big picture in your sights. Your team partners and supervisors give you the support you need for this. The good communications and manner of providing information in and between teams enables you to quickly share your know-how, and be inspired with new ideas from your colleagues. Our culture of errors is also supportive. When mistakes happen, we learn from them together in order to improve our processes. In short: trust and appreciation form the foundation of our teamwork. And you don’t have to demand our support. In frequent talks, we decide together where you are and develop individual outlooks and strategies for the development of your career and private life. 


For example: healthy working environment

We want you to be able to contribute all your skills, talent and potential. So we ensure that you can develop in all areas: professionally, personally and in terms of your health.

Equal opportunity and diversity 
Our working culture and our success are based on integration and equal opportunities. All of our employees have the right to be respected, considered and appreciated. After all, at RUAG, integrity, collegial behaviour, dedication and ability count for us – not gender, where you come from, your skin colour, worldview, sexual orientation or religion. We do not tolerate discrimination or bullying. People from nearly all corners of the earth work at RUAG, with their different biographies and professional backgrounds. And we all work together successfully – not despite, but because we are different, and complement, inspire and enrich one another. 

Responsible leadership
Leadership at RUAG involves personal responsibility and acting according to the principle of being a role model. We rely on participation, cooperation and respect – after all, the best results ensue when decisions are transparent and accepted by everyone. The same goes for our culture of providing feedback: across short distances and with an open door. 
As a leader in the company, you will experience a uniform understanding of management and a common culture, which enables effective management and eases teamwork. With the further development of your specialist knowledge and soft skills, we actively support you by offering tailored leadership programmes across all divisions and business units.