Occupational training at RUAG means:
Training what you have in you

When you choose to complete your apprenticeship with us, you can be sure that you will learn more than just specialist knowledge and methods. Your personal strengths and potential are much too valuable for us to let them dwindle away. 

Specialist knowledge and working methodically are one thing. But when it comes to innovative solutions for new challenges, you need more: curiosity, the courage to be creative, the ability to motivate yourself and others. Which is why, from the very beginning, we are at your side with a dedicated crew of coaches, and support you individually during your apprenticeship on the job. In addition to personal and comprehensive support, you can look forward to lots of exciting challenges that our entire range of apprenticeships offers.

Vocational training at RUAG – the facts: 

Apprenticeship training and the encouragement of young talents are key areas of focus at RUAG. It’s no surprise, then, that more than 300 apprentices in 15 careers make up roughly 8 per cent of our entire workforce in Switzerland. 

• Work in an international, technological environment 
• Responsibility in real working processes 
• Career centres set up specially by RUAG 
• Qualified full-time career trainers 
• 90% of our trainers are also examiners  
• Broad range of opportunities for career development 
• Support of special talents in MEM careers 
• High-calibre support at the SwissSkills and WorldSkills 
• Athlete-friendly training company distinguished by the Swiss Olympics

Your career training options at RUAG:

What’s your career? Find out at our meet-and-greet events.

How can you choose a career when you don’t quite know what to expect? Of course, you can read up on it, talk to others, ask friends and acquaintances. But all of this is just theory, a grey zone that can’t be compared with gaining your own experience. We want you to be certain and start your career training with the good feeling of knowing you are doing the right thing. Which is why you have a range of opportunities for gathering information and trying out your options, to ensure if the job matches you and you match the job. 

RUAG trial apprenticeship
You have the option to test RUAG during a short internship, with the aim of finding the career that’s right for you. And more than just that: you discover the everyday working environment, the company, the trainers and the career challenges. You get to work first-hand with the materials, devices, tools and machines. And you experience personally which requirements you should be able to handle in terms of craftsmanship, schooling, your character and physical fitness. 

Beyond that, you experience the corporate climate close up at RUAG, and learn how we treat others with respect. The RUAG trial apprenticeship is a serious opportunity – after all, it’s about setting the course for your professional future. This is why the week is clearly structured, such as with a predefined training journal in which you can note your experiences and impressions and which supports you and us in reviewing your time at the end and answering any open questions.  

The duration of your RUAG trial apprenticeshipand the tasks you will experience are determined by the person responsible for training in your chosen career. This is very convenient, as they also decide who joins the training programme. After all, we not only want to introduce ourselves to you, we also naturally give you the opportunity to present yourself to us and prove your interest. 

RUAG Talents Day
Ten locations, 13 different apprenticeship careers and unlimited fascination for technology. If you are interested in vocational training at RUAG, the best way to get to know us is on-site at our Talents Day. 

Take a look behind the scenes and gain a real picture of the apprenticeship of your choice, at the location of your choice. Speak to us and discover first-hand from apprentices what it is like at RUAG. Exciting insights into the RUAG world await you – and into the challenges you can expect here. All of this takes place in a relaxed atmosphere and, if you like, you can bring your friends and family along. 

We look forward to meeting you!

To find out more about our Talents Day, go here