You have the key.

As a Specialist for Building Maintenance (Swiss VET) in Switzerland, you are in charge of the maintenance, care and upkeep of buildings, paths and greens. You play a key role in our ability to work.

As a specialist for building maintenance (m/f), you are the most important person in the company in many respects – after all, when something is broken, sticks, is missing or not running properly, help is needed fast to ensure operations continue to run smoothly. At the same time, your range of tasks is as big and broad as an entire location, with its diverse functions, structures and paths. For instance, all building-based tasks – from locking, safety, climate and lighting technology – fall in your jurisdiction, and you are as familiar in the area of plumbing as you are in electronics and carpentry. You understand something about occupational safety and hygiene, as well as green areas and professional street cleaning.

In short: you are an all-rounder and have smaller repairs finished faster than you could get an appointment with a tradesman. Of course, you can’t do everything on your own – you also commission and coordinate all the necessary trades and service providers. The key to your own success is that you have to know your working area perfectly, set priorities and organise yourself well. Then all doors will be open to you at RUAG.

What you do
The tasks of specialists in building maintenance are diverse. Depending on your area of focus selected, you can become specialised in building technical services or facility technical service. In the former, you are mainly indoors – in the latter, you work mostly outdoors. The cleaning and buildings and outdoor areas, caring for the garden and waste disposal are all part of the job of specialists in building maintenance, in both areas of focus. 

Specialists in building maintenance for building technical services monitor and maintain the buildings’ technical systems. You replace window sealings, exchange power outlets, lamps, door locks and safety catches, monitor the heating and electrical installations or repair dripping water spouts. You take care of smaller repairs yourself; in more complicated situations, you call in other specialists. As needed, you undertake simple brick, paint and carpentry work, repair furniture, for instance, or paint fences. 

Specialists in building maintenance for facility technical services usually work outdoors. Your tasks include the maintenance of buildings, the repair of damages to parts of buildings and outdoor areas. This means you contribute to maintaining the value of buildings and ensure safety throughout the premises. In addition to green spaces, you care for the paths and streets. This includes removing weeds, shovelling snow and repairing damaged surfaces. 

At work, specialists in building maintenance use various devices, machines and vehicles, such as high-pressure cleaners, lawn mowers and forklifts. These are also things you maintain and clean, and perform smaller repairs on yourself. 

Training specifics
The three-year training at the vocational college consists of two levels – “Basic Requirements” (G) and “Advanced Requirements” (E). The vocational college prepares you for professional certification. Particularly skilled and high-performing apprentices can visit these. 

Training locations
Altdorf (RUAG Real Estate)
Bure (RUAG Defence)
Emmen (RUAG Real Estate)
Mels (RUAG Defence)
Zweisimmen (RUAG Aviation)

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