We don't expect everything from you, but we expect a lot

In addition to excellent specialist or, in the case of an apprenticeship, educational qualifications, we expect something that is easily said, yet carries a lot of weight: personality. 

Our corporate culture, which is based on teamwork, and our goal of being an innovative pioneer as well as a reliable partner demands above-average personal competence from all employees. Unlike specialist qualifications, these are things that one can develop, fine-tune and complement, but which one cannot buy. You have to bring them along.

For example: curiosity, open-mindedness and entrepreneurship

Your attitude of being open to new things and your pleasure in developing further is something you can live out at RUAG – and you should. Because we believe that the prerequisites for being proactive and dedicated come from thinking and acting as an entrepreneur. And only those who are truly interested in others are able to develop the social competence and the ability to communicate needed for working across countries and disciplines and for achieving great things together. 

For example: ego strength, courage and confidence

When you work with us, you should do that as independently and confidently as possible. Which means that you must also lead yourself in many respects, motivate and manage yourself. Of course, you are not left alone with this – we work together. But successful teamwork in changing teams and projects also requires that your colleagues can rely on your support, know that you are consistent and clear, are able to shoulder your part and also take the lead and motivate others. All in all: those who want to explore new territory and co-create the future have to have the stamina to deal with stress and setbacks, and grab the chances that change brings.

For example: integrity, empathy and reflection

We don’t want you to simply fill a functional role, we want that you take responsibility. To be successful together and for our common goals, but also for yourself, your team, partners and customers. But only those who have a clear idea of values and principles can take responsibility, who question the status quo, respect themselves and, in addition to their own, also pay attention to the integrity and honour of the people around them. To put it more plainly: integrity means staying true to yourself and genuinely living out values and thus being a role model. This is exactly what we mean by being a role model on a leadership level. And this is what we want from you – regardless of what organisational level you are on. 

Anything else? Of course!

We don’t expect anyone to be perfect. No one can embody all the above-mentioned characteristics perfectly 24 hours a day. A newcomer cannot spontaneously be an exemplary manager, a manager cannot permanently motivate themselves and others. But that’s not what this is about. What we want from you above all is that you accept our culture and our tasks to the best of your personality and with all your dedication because you are excited about what we do. Because you enjoy achieving purposeful goals together with others and being successful. Because you are amazed at progress and technology, and want to contribute making the one a reality through the other.