New media is your element.

As a Media Specialist (Swiss VET) in Switzerland, you combine design, communication, technical and administrative talents. And above all, you help us to present ourselves in a good light in every respect. 

As a media specialist (m/f), you are specialised in media communication – in all areas. You generate media content for us, such as photos or videos, create concepts for Web appearances and intranets and program these, integrate databases, install content management systems, design print media and presentations, and are familiar with corporate identity and corporate design topics.  

On top of this, you can get along with people well, understand customers both in-house and external, instruct users, moderate processes, negotiate budgets and everything else concerning modern media, marketing and people. In short: a very wide spectrum of tasks. But you also have a lot of creative leeway, literally, and a career with as many facets as RUAG.

What you do
Media Specialists are multi-faceted communications technology experts. You design and maintain websites, generate presentations and support events. To achieve this, you leverage your knowledge about multimedia, design, marketing, IT and administration. Media Specialists, for instance, generate websites or print materials for the company or customers. You design and maintain intranets, realise advertising material or compile documentation. Based on customers or supervisors wishes, you plan project workflows and choose the technical aid to use. 

Depending on the order, you first generate raw data, for instance short film sequences, photos or audio recordings. Using the suitable programs, you edit this raw data. Then you develop design proposals for screen or print products. You are a seasoned designer, have command of editing and layout programs and know the effects that colours and shapes have. At the same time, you continually have the target audience of the product in mind, and support in this way the marketing measures of the company. 

For websites, media specialists integrate graphical elements or applications. You can install a content management system and generate smaller databases. When it comes to design, you pay attention to providing an intuitive user interface and navigation. 

You also prepare print products for production. You know the options and limits of printing processes and adapt your designs accordingly. For presentations, you turn information into visuals. You know how content can be quickly captured and are familiar with the suitable display techniques and applications. You install multimedia devices and configure them. 

Media specialists have direct contact with their customers. After completing a project, you present your work and school users. What’s more, you accept requests and orders from customers. You generate quotes and invoices according to the requirements and negotiate with external partners, such as printers or IT companies, in different languages. You know the company regulations and processes, and adhere strictly to rules concerning privacy, copyright and corporate identity. 

Training specifics
The four-year training …

Training locations
Bern (RUAG Defence)
Emmen (RUAG Aviation)
Thun (RUAG Defence)

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