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As an Electronics Technician (Swiss VET) in Switzerland, you plan, develop and produce electronic hardware and software for technological applications, products and services – from satellite control systems to avionics to unmanned vehicles, robots and Industry 4.0. 

As an electronics technician (m/f), you work in the most fascinating, multi-faceted and all-encompassing technology fields. In other words: you work in nearly every field of technology – after all, electronics forms the underlying foundation for all these fields. Even digitisation is part of electronics: as a global megatrend, it falls back on electronics. Electronic solutions of all kind are being integrated and networked as hybrids of hardware and software.
Because electronics is diverse in an all-encompassing way and essential for further development, you can complete your training at RUAG at six different locations in Switzerland, which cover all of our company divisions. Regardless of which division you choose in the end, you can expect a profound apprenticeship in an exciting and dynamic discipline and within the realm of top innovative technology. 

What you do
Electronic technician have a broad field of tasks that await them – from the development of electronic circuits to the installation of electronic devices to program development. You plan, develop and monitor production, for instance based on the schemes of product specifications. You install electronic components, wire the components and integrate them in a housing. You test devices and electronic circuits, perform measurement and testing work, develop control and test procedures. You generate protocols and reports. Together with other specialists, you develop and realise electronic circuits. You plan, develop and test programs and write up the documentation for these. 

Training specifics
Depending on the training location, the four-year vocational training focuses on at least one of the following fields:

• Prototype development
• Circuit board development
• Clarification of feasibility 
• Generation of test concept and performing of tests
• Applications development
• Processing of production orders
• Performing function and quality monitoring
• Planning, realising and documenting test facilities
• Monitoring production of micro-technical products
• Maintenance of devices and machines
• Planning, realising and reviewing training sequences
• Embedded software development
• Planning, erecting and starting operation of technical systems on-site at the customer
• Maintenance of technical medical devices and machines

Training locations
Bern (RUAG Defence)
Brunnen (RUAG Defence)
Dübendorf (RUAG Defence)
Emmen (RUAG Aviation, RUAG Defence, RR, RUAG Space)
Interlaken (RUAG Aviation)
Stans (RUAG Aviation)
Thun (RUAG Defence, RT)
Zurich (RUAG Space)
Zweisimmen (RUAG Aviation)

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