If it’s an apparatus, you can build it!

As a Machine and Apparatus Engineer (Swiss VET) in Switzerland, you are friends with metal, and apparatuses ranging from air conditioners to machine parts are your forte.

Machine and apparatus engineers (m/f) transfer a technical drawing into a functioning machine or a functioning apparatus. This could be parts of production machines, housings or pipe systems. To achieve this, you use special high-tech tools such as welding robots or computer-controlled bending machines, and have command of the craftsman techniques and tools from traditional metalworking. It goes without saying that you have a robust constitution to be able to ideally stand up to the handling of metal. 

At the same time, your technical understanding should also be strong. To ensure everything functions reliably in the end, you have to precisely understand the processes that should be taking place inside the apparatus. And to build them efficiently, you need knowledge of construction, technical mechanics, materials, heat transfer and aerodynamics. None of this is trivial, so it continues to excite – knowing that continually new and other machine and apparatuses come from your own hands. 

What you do
Machine and apparatus engineers mainly handle various kinds of sheet metal, outlines and pipes. You combine these to create constructions, containers, pipe systems or apparatuses, and entire systems and plants, then perform the required installation, maintenance and repair work. 

Training specifics
The training consists of a two-year basic apprenticeship, followed by a two-year training focusing specifically on process-centric areas of operational work: diverse range of skills in the processing of sheet metals, outlines and pipes, as well as in project planning, installation and process technology. 

The four-year training takes place at the vocational college and consists of two levels – “Basic Requirements” (G) and “Advanced Requirements” (E). The vocational college prepares you for professional certification. 

Training locations
Emmen (RUAG Aviation)
Alpnach (RUAG Aviation)

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