At the heart of the whole mechanic world

As a Polytechnic Specialist (Swiss VET) in Switzerland, you contribute to the development, manufacture and assembly of complex mechanical units and entire production plants. 

The name says it all: as a polytechnic specialist (m/f), you feel at home when it comes to everything that is mechanical, and you are just as able to develop prototypes as you are to build entire manufacturing lines. Of course, you don’t do this alone, but in a team with other specialists. Here you function as a bridge between them, as you are versed in development and construction just as much as in the concrete areas of the practical implementation. 

This means you are in command of the entire repertoire of metal working techniques, use computer-controlled machines, lasers and water jet cutting. But you don’t only perform these tasks, you also develop construction solutions together with engineers, and you generate technical documents and 3D drawings for complex components and project using CAD programs. Speaking of complex: your profound mechanical understanding enables you to also perform maintenance work on planes and helicopters. 

What you do
Polytechnic specialists manufacture components as well as tools and apparatuses for production, or build devices, apparatuses, machines or systems. Together with other specialists, you process orders or projects, develop construction solutions and generate technical documents or prototypes and perform tests. You contribute to the operation, planning and monitoring of production processes or perform maintenance work. 

Training specifics
The focus of your vocational training revolves around at least one of the following fields of work: 

• Project planning and project processing
• Construction, prototype construction, construction of manufacturing equipment
• Production support
• Components manufacture, turned products
• Production processes, assembly
• Automation 
• Maintenance, aircraft maintenance

The four-year training at the vocational college consists of two levels – “Basic Requirements” (G) and “Advanced Requirements” (E). The vocational college prepares you for professional certification. Particularly skilled and high-performing apprentices can visit these. 

Training locations
Alpnach (RUAG Aviation)
Emmen (RUAG Aviation)
Interlaken (RUAG Aviation)
Lodrino (RUAG Aviation)
Stans (RUAG Aviation)
Thun (RUAG Ammotec, RUAG Defence)
Zurich (RUAG Space)
Zweisimmen (RUAG Aviation)

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