You keep things flowing.

As a Logistics Specialist (Swiss VET) in Switzerland, you fulfil an essential, important task for our company: you manage the flow of raw materials, materials and goods, without which we wouldn’t be able to work. 

Imagine RUAG, with its many employees, locations, services and products, as a huge living organism. The flow of the goods and materials that go in and out of our company are like the air, the blood circulation and the metabolism. Who enables these vital functions to work? You, because as a logistics specialist (m/f), you organise and guarantee the transport, the storage and distribution of all consumer, production and other goods and wares. 

This means you are needed everywhere where goods arrive or leave the premises, are transported or stored. To achieve your tasks, you use forklifts, high racks and other sturdy means of modern intralogistics in equal measure, as well as sophisticated software that stores data, assigns storage spaces, displays transport routes and compiles deliveries. However, to ensure everything functions in the end, it requires people like you who have an eye on everything, and personally and competently support the smooth flow of materials, wares and goods. 

What you do
Logistics specialists can be found everywhere where goods arrive or are shipped, delivered, transported or stored. At the same time, logistics is characterised by modern technology: computers store data, allocate storage spaces, print orders, show transport paths. Forklifts and other transport vehicles are used to compile wares and forward them. 

Training specifics
Depending on the training location, training focuses on at least one of the following fields:
• Accepting, measuring, weighing and checking goods
• Operating in-house transport means and vehicles
• Cleaning and maintaining machines and devices
• Storing goods suitably
• Preparing deliveries, packing goods and shipping them, together with generating their accompanying documents and adhering to environmental requirements
• Handling hazardous goods according to the regulations
• Control over the stocks

Training locations
Alpnach (RUAG Aviation)
Bure (RUAG Defence)
Emmen (RUAG Aviation)
Interlaken (RUAG Aviation)
Lodrino (RUAG Aviation)
Mels (RUAG Defence)
Thun (RUAG Ammotec, RUAG Defence)
Zurich (RUAG Space)
Zweisimmen (RUAG Aviation)

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