For everyone who loves to count – especially on people.

As a Commercial Specialist (Swiss VET) in Switzerland, you have extensive spectrum of administrative and business tasks, with lots of options to become specialised – and actively communicate with people. 

As a Commercial Specialist (m/f), you are responsible for nearly everything which does not have an immediate connection to technology. This means you organise and calculate, purchase or sell, plan marketing measures, foster supplier relations and advise customers. Bookkeeping and personnel issues are also part of your field of work. In all cases, it’s about processes in which many people are part of, for which arrangements need to be met or that need to be advised. You not only enjoy doing this, you also have the necessary soft skills such as social competence, compassion and good communication skills. If you are also good in organising yourself and motivating yourself, you will find excellent opportunities for development at RUAG.  

What you do
Organising, writing, calculating, telephoning, advising – these are tasks which a Commercial Specialist should be able to master. Generating written correspondence (e.g. letters, reports, protocols, tenders), providing service (e.g. procurement and sales, customer contact), financing (e.g. post and bank transactions, bookkeeping) are part of your diverse range of tasks. Much of this work is performed on a computer.  

Training specifics
The vocational training takes place in several areas of competence according to the model training, and the time in each department covers six months. Industry-specific competencies are taught in cross-company courses.

The basics of the apprenticeship is the support of specialist, method and social competence – in other words, Commercial Specialists have expert knowledge and skills, know how to use the required working techniques and are able to master job requirements in a professional and interpersonal manner. 

Basic training (B profile) 
Commercial Specialists with basic training master all routine administrative work.
Prerequisites: completed elementary school, middle level

Advanced training (E profile) / Advanced training with professional certification (M profile) 
Commercial Specialists with advanced training have deeper theoretical knowledge of business issues. 
Prerequisites: completed elementary school, upper level
Those who choose the M profile are prepared, in addition to the advanced training, for the professional certification in business – either integrated in the apprenticeship or as a full year on completion of training. Additional internationally-acknowledged language diplomas and a deeper general education are gained. 

Training locations
Altdorf (RUAG Real Estate)
Bern (RUAG Defence)
Bure (RUAG Defence)
Emmen (RUAG Aviation)
Thun (RUAG Defence, RUAG Ammotec)
Zurich (RUAG Space)

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