You know values when you see them.

As a Recycling Specialist (Swiss VET) in Switzerland, your domain and your discipline are the reuse of recyclable materials – without nearly any limits. 

As a recycling specialist (m/f), you are responsible for the reuse of waste products as a secondary raw material – and are thus extremely important for RUAG. After all, with your work, you are greatly contributing to the improvement of our resource efficiency and hence our competitive edge. At the same time, you are vital for achieving our sustainability goals and acting in line with our responsibility toward the environment and future generations. For this, you are certain about the various material groups, know how to differentiate between recyclable and hazardous materials – you can collect, clean and prepare the former as well as dispose of the latter in an environmentally safe manner. 

You understand ecological and energy-related correlations, are familiar with hygiene and environment regulations, capture and document all relevant data and use technical aids – from plasma cutters to shredders. In short: your work – and the apprenticeship it is based on – are extremely diverse, include just as much theoretical as practical and technical parts, and takes you through the entire company. And it is future-proof: the target of creating a completely closed-loop economy is still in the stars, but it will and must be achieved – and for this, well-trained recycling specialists are needed. 

What you do
Recycling specialists are experts in the company when it comes to the preparation of reusable material. You collect and sort reusable material and prepare it. You also ensure their transport to companies where the material is processed. This means you have solid knowledge of individual materials. You know in which form, size, weight and purity the materials can be delivered. 

You assess the materials offered, estimate the effort required and determine the reimbursement or the waste fees. For both sorting and preparing, you have various hand-held devices and machines at your disposal, as well as large systems. 

Training specifics
• Familiarisation of the basics and goals of recycling
• Illustrate the flow of materials – from production to reuse to disposal
• Knowing ecological and energy correlations
• Familiar with the manners and methods of waste disposal
• Knowing and implementing company regulations regarding hygiene, environmental requirements and poison laws
• Knowing and recording recyclable and hazardous materials
• Sorting and preparing recyclable materials
• Storage and disposal
• Handling and transport
• Documentation and data capturing
• Safe handling of devices, machines and equipment as well as their maintenance
• Methods and means for rough analysis of recyclable materials
• Knowledge of the acceptance specifications of recycling companies

This three-year training includes cross-company introductory courses as well as visits from companies which take place each year. The vocational middle school prepares you for professional certification. 

Training location
Altdorf (RUAG Real Estate)

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